We care about the environment as much as you do

From our biologically derived nutrient solutions at the heart of our Select program, to our mosquito control program that is free from toxic chemicals, our goal is to deliver you beautiful, healthy outdoor spaces with minimal environmental impact.

Our biologically derived nutrients are designed to improve the soil

...and encourage beneficial microbes, earthworms and fungi. These organisms work with your grass to encourage healthy root growth. This in turn promotes better nutrient uptake, disease resistance, and improved drought tolerance, meaning less pesticide, herbicide and water use.

The Select program has over 20 years of research and development

...and is designed specifically for the soils and conditions of the Piedmont. We use proprietary nutrient blends that are not available from any other company or program.

Nature’s Select works closely with New Garden Landscaping & Nursery 

...meaning your lawn care program can be combined with complete landscape maintenance for a whole property solution that gives you more free time. Whatever your turf, garden bed, tree and shrub care needs are, we can provide them. Let your technician know if you would be interested in complete landscape maintenance, or email us.

We will be upfront and honest about the results you can expect

...and the time frame you can expect them in. A fantastic lawn is built from the roots up and is not achieved instantly! But for most lawns we can promise visible improvement in a short amount of time (and if we can't, we'll tell you.)

We don’t mislead with quick-fix applications

that can result in very green but weak-rooted grass. Our program is designed to give great results by improving your lawn from the “bottom up”, building a strong, resilient lawn that’s beautiful and healthy. 

Nature’s Select™ will provide you with information

on what you can do between our visits to make your lawn healthier faster. With informational invoice inserts and emails we will give you advice on best mowing & watering practices, let you know when local lawn disease pressure is high and how to be on the lookout for it, and other lawn care tips.

You don’t need to store potentially dangerous lawn chemicals

at home or deal with the mess or hassle of application. The risks of over applying chemicals or fertilizers (and causing damage) or under applying (and wasting money) are eliminated, as are the risks of storing lawn products around children and pets.

You have direct access to your technician 

We provide you with your technician’s cell phone number and email allowing you to call, text or email them directly with no need to go through a switchboard. 


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