A beautiful and worry-free landscape

Let the Nature’s Select experts in plant health care give you peace of mind and help you protect your landscape investment. 

Our 5 application Tree and Shrub Health Care Program is designed to feed and protect your plants. Our fertilizers have natural and biological enhancements, providing optimal soil health levels for your ornamental plantings. Your plants benefit from high quality soil, and insect and disease control help protect the investment you have in your landscape. If your trees or shrubs are already "sick" we can diagnose your problem and recommend a course of treatment.

  • Spring I prepares for a season of active growth and insect control. We apply a biologically enhanced liquid fertilizer and systemic insecticide supplemented with a granular fertilizer if needed.

  • Spring II targets and prevents the disease, insect, and mite problems that can attack tender spring growth.

  • Summer keeps your plants healthy with selective insect and fungal disease control as needed.

  • Fall targets any persistent problem issues, as well as late season and multi-generational insect pests and diseases.

  • Winter weather can be harsh and damaging to your plants. Our Winter application of horticultural oil protectively coats the stems and foliage of your plants. This helps prevent wind/winter burn and smothers soft bodied insects and their eggs to prevent them becoming a problem the following spring.

The emergence and severity of many insects and diseases is dependent on temperature and rainfall. The exact timing of the applications may vary from season to season. We regularly assess and forecast conditions to make applications at the optimal time. 


Ask about our specialized Tree and Shrub programs:

  • Boxwood Care

  • Leyland Care

  • Arborvitae Care

  • Red Tip Care

  • Deep Root Feeding

  • Vertical Mulching