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Spring I

Provides nitrogen fertilizer in preparation for the spring green-up, this application also provides biological nutrients and controls for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.

Spring II

This fertilizer application combines organic and biological products while providing nitrogen for your turf to support vigorous spring growth. It contains our biologically-based nutrient blend containing naturally-sourced micronutrients for soil health, fertility and conditioning. Controls for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds are also applied.

Summer I

Slow-release liquid fertilizer, iron, micro-nutrients, and biologicals gently sustain your lawn and maintain soil health during the stresses of summer. Weed control is performed when appropriate.

Summer II

Provides quick-acting calcium and biologically enhanced material to the lawn in granular form along with control for weeds as needed. Calcium helps your lawn better utilize nutrients.

Fall I

Ideally combined with fall aeration and overseeding, it is a high phosphorus, slow release fertilizer that is beneficial to new seedlings as well as established turf.

Fall II

A granular fertilizer with biologically enhanced products, this application will help your turf stay fresh and green throughout the fall.


The cold weather months are the time of the year when food energy is stored in the root system of the turf in preparation for the renewal of growth in spring. This application nourishes your turf for improved cold weather resistance, better winter color, and healthy root growth.