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New Garden Select offers lawn service in Greensboro and surrounding areas. As a local lawn service company, our products have been professionally developed based on over twenty years of experience with the soils of this region. Our lawn care is tailored to provide you with outstanding results.

Why Choose New Garden Select...

Healthy soil leads to healthy lawn

Our biologically derived Nutrients are designed to improve the soil

...and encourage beneficial microbes, earthworms and fungi. These organisms work with your grass to encourage healthy root growth. This in turn promotes better nutrient uptake, disease resistance, and improved drought tolerance, meaning less pesticide, herbicide and water use.

The largest database of regional soil samples


We have a larger database of regional soil samples than any other lawn care company. Exclusively developed for our program, our proprietary nutrient blends are not available from any other company or program and are designed to work with the high-clay soils of the region.

Everyone enjoys a healthy lawn

We care about the environment as much as you do

From our biologically derived nutrient solutions at the heart of our Select program, to our mosquito control program that is free from toxic chemicals, our goal is to deliver you beautiful, healthy outdoor spaces with minimal environmental impact.

With our environmentally friendly Select Program, which is one-of-a kind in the industry, you don't have to choose between a green lawn and a "green" lawn. While you'll see results quickly, the Select Program also builds and improves your soil over time, resulting in healthier, more resilient grass. We also offer our Traditional Plus Program, a comprehensive lawn program with excellent value. With our lawn care service options we can satisfy all budgets and expectations. From weed and disease control to lawn aeration, seeding or complete lawn renovation, our professionally trained technicians deliver visible results and superior lawn care service. 

New Garden Select is a locally owned and operated company serving Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Kernersville, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Colfax and surrounding areas. We now serve McLeansville, Whitsett, Elon, Burlington & surrounding communities!

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