For the most beautiful Boxwood on the Block

Boxwood are an important foundation landscape shrub, widely used for their classic form in both formal and informal landscape applications. Boxwood can be susceptible to decline due to insect, disease or nutrient problems. Keep your yours looking healthy with the Nature’s Select Boxwood Program, specifically designed to address the unique needs of boxwood in the Triad. 

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Spring I - Consists of a systemic insecticide that will be absorbed by the plants. This will help provide season long control of a variety of insect pests.

Spring II - We apply protection against the disease, insect, and mite problems that can affect boxwoods in the upcoming summer season.

Summer - This application continues to target diseases, insects, and mites that are prevalent in the summer.

Fall - In fall the program elevates the pH of the soil surrounding your boxwoods. Boxwoods require a higher pH for maximum nutrient uptake than our soils provide. A soil sample is taken every two years to determine your soils specific needs.

Winter - Research has determined that winter is the optimum time to apply our biologically enhanced fertilizer to your boxwoods to promote strong and healthy growth. We also applied dormant season oil to the foliage. This will control soft bodied insects and their eggs, and protect against wind/winter burn.

Want the most Beautiful Boxwood on the Block?